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Our counsellors are professional experts in guiding the students when comes to their selection of course.The students are exposed to alot of options as per their requirements where they can choose what best fits to them within their budget . Wissen guide them throughout the process of securing position in the University/College to getting the Visa for the particular country which they have opted and even beyond.

Assist in selecting the right Country

The very next step is to choose the right country. This selection is basically based on the budget of the student. We at WISSEN ease out their tensions regarding the selection by counselling on the towing their budget,Course intended, Scholarships opportunity and many such aspects. So with all that we help the students in zeroing it down their favourite destination of convenience.

Assist in selecting the right Course & Institution

Further in ascending order times comes to choose the correct subject and institution. On the basis of students academic background and their interest our team counsel them to find the most suitable course and further to check with the International Universities about their acceptance into that selected course.

Guidance on the Visa application

This is one of the most important aspects when comes to study abroad. Many countries change their Visa process regularly. At times, students being oblivious to such changes end up getting rejected for Visa approvals. Our team possessing the necessary knowledge and experience, supervise the students through the whole cumbersome Visa process to make it easy and viable.

Accommodation & Travel Guidance

Choosing the right accommodation in abroad might be a challenging task. Each country offers innumerable options that support the budget of a student.Our team furnish  sufficient information about the suitable accommodation and also help the students by giving international desk number so that when students arrived in the country the University desk is there to assist them. 
Even further our collaborations with the travel agents help the student to secure their tickets at much affordable rates compared to the normal rate in the market. As we have a tie up with these travel agencies which gives our students privilege specially when they book their tickets from their desk.


Pre Departure Sessions

Last but not the least we got this tradition of conducting the pre departure briefing sessions to ease the anxious students and provide them certain last minute tips to make sure that once they land over there they should not feel insecure. It is a type of informal session to educate them about various things like once they land how to approach the local markets to get their basics needs done.

Provide IELTS Coaching

IELTS is an English proficiency test, for admission in an English speaking university and also for migration. Coaching for IELTS is basically enrolling for an IELTS with us can prepare you the right way. Classes will be conducted by the British Certified trainer and our past students have managed to crack more than 7 bands.


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